100 Metro Boulevard is a seven-story, 255,018 RSF Class A office leasing opportunity. The building is located to the south of 200 Metro Boulevard across from a common green plaza. Created by The Hillier Group, the building was one of the first in New Jersey to “re-think” the workspace as an open plan to provide enhanced natural light in the interior of the space and increases inter-departmental communication through efficient floor plan design.

A seven-story granite and glass staircase provides ease of communication from floor to floor as well as huddle areas for group meetings, fostering a collaborative work environment.


100 Metro Boulevard offers 255,018 RSF of class A office space available for lease. Flexible approximately 40,000 SF floor plates feature virtually column-free layouts with abundant natural light. There is a total of 560,000 SF available in both 100 & 200 Metro Boulevard combined.

Proposed Low Density Floor Plan

Proposed High Density Floor Plan


Building Owner

PB Nutclif Master, LLC

Building Management

Prism Property Services, LLC


The Hillier Group

Renovation Architect

Gensler & Associates

Number of Floors


Building Area

255,018 SF

Typical Floor Size
  • 1: Approx. 14,000 SF
  • 2-7: Approx. 40,000 SF
Year Constructed


Slab Heights
  • 1st floor: 18’-0”
  • 2-6th: 13’-0”

Structural steel with concrete floors, precast concrete and metal wall panels, with aluminum-framed windows and aluminum accent members

  • 4 Passenger elevators
  • 1 Freight elevator
Loading Dock

2 fully enclosed loading areas connected to an oversized freight elevator

  • (6) Central Type Air Handling Units
  • (4) Heating & ventilation units
  • (2) Air handling units
  • GHW System (for AHU’s)
  • RHHW System (for BB&RH VAV)
  • Steam PRV Station
  • CHW supply and return
Main Electrical
  • 2 separate high voltage (4,160V) feeders with either feeder designed to allow either feeder to serve the entire building
  • 1 double ended substation with tie breakers
  • (2) in-building 4.16KV to 480V transformers
  • 5KV primary switches
  • Electrical distribution – bus duct risers & cable conduits

Emergency Generator

1 life safety 500 KW diesel generator

Life Safety
  • Honeywell addressable building fire alarm system
  • Full sprinkler & smoke detection
  • Pre-action system – main electrical room
  • Dry pipe system – loading dock
  • Onsite and 3rd party centralized monitoring
Transportation Access

All major central bus and train routes


Ratio of 4 parking spaces per 1,000 RSF

Central Utility Plant (CUP)


  • Two independent Centralized dual fuel boilers
  • Thermal Heat Delivery from utilization of waste heat from electricity production

Chilled Water and Cooling:

  • Two independent Chiller Plants with interconnect loop
  • Steam Absorption Units to convert waste heat to cooling in summer months


  • Two separate high-voltage on-site substations fed from two separate high tension service feeds from PSE&G (*modifications are being engineered to eliminate the west substation and re-feed the redundant N+2 east substation with (2) separate high voltage feeds from PSE&G)
  • 10 MW cogeneration facility with dual generator units


The campus provides the unique opportunity for prospective tenants to capitalize on the availability of several centralized and redundant utilities and services. The in-place robust systems and inherent redundancy in design include:

  • Steam
  • Chilled water
  • Electricity
  • City water
  • Fire water
  • Compressed air
  • Nitrogen
  • Onsite security, utility and building automation control centers

A central steam plant with co-gen thermal production, the existing chiller system and chilled water loop system, allow tenants to enjoy an environmentally advanced infrastructure, producing lower energy costs and more reliable energy service with redundancy to the desktop. This also provides the ability to operate completely in “island” mode, separated entirely from the PSEG grid in the event of a major natural disaster like Super Storm Sandy.